Zen Meditation with Lofty Learning

WMD founder, Steve Garber, collaborating with Lofty Learning, presents on-line course in Zen Meditation. When signing on to the Webinar, use the promo code “wmd2020” for about 50% off course enrollment fee.

Steve says, “We are teaching a 10-week, live-streaming course in Zen meditation as part of an on-going series dedicated to fostering sustainable relationships, wellness, resilience and empathy in the workplace. Meditation has been proven to inculcate creative engagement, reduce work-related stress, aid communication and help clarify goals and objectives.”

Meditation can help foster a more compassionate approach in all our interactions with others by creating a pause between our thoughts and actions. In this pause, meditators become more adept at reducing self-judgement, which opens new avenues of self-care. The advent of increased empathy and self-care creates an environment in which we can find more rewarding and productive relationships.

Meditators often find that they become more patient and open to other’s point-of-view, a trait essential in all collaborative environments and exchanges.

Meditators learn to listen more deeply, without as much self-recrimination or judgement, and are therefore better equipped to adapt to change, assess their own needs and the needs of others.

Steve Garber, Jim Eischen & Jim Milner invite you to join them in a warm conversation between friends, exploring the benefits of Zen meditation and mindfulness practices.

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